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Hi Tammy,

  In helping the electrode to adhere, first of all, clean and dry your skin using regular soap and water, but do not use alcohol. Alcohol will dry your skin and may increase irritation with the use of electrodes. After removing the electrode, you may use aloe vera gel or a tens lotion on your skin to help with sensitivity. Also, clean the electrode upon removal with a moist wash cloth to remove skin debris, hair, oils, etc. that will stick to the pad. If the pad feels “mushy” it has absorbed moisture from your body, and after cleaning, let it dry some before storing in the plastic pouch (this happens frequently in hot, humid weather). This over-saturation will cause the electrode to come apart. If it gets too dry and not tacky, rub a couple drops of water on the pad. (Don’t put it under the faucet!)


  Using any gel or lotion before putting the electrode on will only reduce its adherence, thus you would feel like you would need tape, etc. There is a pre-tens skin prep which Bob mentioned in his email.  If you do encounter skin sensitivity, avoid placing electrodes in the same place until the skin heals. There are also “skin sensitive” electrodes available with a “blue gel”, however our patients say they do help and others say they don’t stick well, and still others say they are not skin sensitive. There are so many variables with each person that it seems to be “trial and error” in many instances. There is not one that’s perfect for everyone because of differences in everyone’s skin and body.


  For conductivity and adherence, the best thing you can do is to keep the electrode clean, keep yourself well-hydrated, and place the pads over a fleshy part of the body. Never put the electrode over bone, i.e., knee cap, spine, etc. If you’d like to discuss, please feel free to give me a call. Would be glad to speak with you.



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