MedFaxx, Inc. was actually founded in 1977 under the name ConvaCare. This was fine until the attorney's letter came several years later informing the owner the name was copyrighted by his client. Shortly thereafter the name was changed, and copyrighted, to MedFaxx.

MedFaxx, Inc. was actually the idea of a pharmacist, Mr. Jernigan, who was a customer of the one of the owners, Bob and Elizabeth Johnson. Bob was selling medical supplies for a large national company and his customer asked for a "pain machine". Bob offered him a claw type ball hammer as he figured that would cause all the pain the gentleman needed!! Bob was told by Mr. Jernigan that he had heard of a machine that would make pain go away, not cause it. Bob researched it and found one employee in his company of 400 + that had heard of such a device and it was called a "TENS" machine or "Pain Box".



   Bob arranged for his company to purchase the unit for his customer and on his visit, after Mr. Jernigan had purchased the unit, inquired as to how the unit was working. Mr. Jernigan ranted and raved over how the unit was "no good, does nothing, actually was a waste of money". Mr. Jernigan did not ask for his money back however Bob offered to see if he could find someone who could use it and try to resell it although the chances were slim since no one had heard of it prior to Mr. Jernigan's purchase. Bob's employer would not refund the money or take the unit back so Bob took the unit to show to others trying to find someone who could use it. Long story short, Bob read about the unit and decided If TENS would work to help relieve pain what a great unit it could be. Thus began the journey of MedFaxx over the past 3 decades, and it has been a never-ending search for answers to how electricity and the body interact. The present owner has several patents issued over the process of studying the dynamics of the body and electricity. And yes Mr. Jernigan was refunded in full the cost of the unit by Mr. Johnson personally and the relationship lasted until Mr. Jernigan passed away several years ago.

Many of the principles of MedFaxx, Inc. have been to help people live life to the fullest and happily enjoying each moment they are pain free or disease free. MedFaxx has always tried to inform its employees to not take for granted what it feels like to not be hurting. It's taken as a given but having dealt with so many patients in pain the employees know how lucky they are. Several of the MedFaxx, Inc. employees use or have used many of the company's products, including TENS units.

About 1999 the owners of MedFaxx, Inc. were looking for a better atmosphere for their children, then ages 7, 5, and 2, to enjoy and chose to move their business to Historic Downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina. The children could then walk to the office from school walking past the local fire dept. which watched out for the kids each day, plus the quaintness of the historic downtown coupled with the restaurants, ice cream shop on the corner, and the local book store. Historic downtown Wake Forest promoted a general good family feel, and resulted in the Johnson's purchasing several historic buildings. One is the present home of MedFaxx, Inc.


During the first year in Wake Forest the Johnson family also saw a need to preserve the beautiful historic downtown district. The district was a throwback to the old days when Wake Forest College was in town and a booming college atmosphere. The Johnsons started the annual HerbFest. Because of their desire to not only preserve historic buildings, but also a historic district, the area was put on the National Historic Registry when the Johnsons opened The Cotton Company and were having the building put on the National Historic Registry. Herbs left over from the HerbFest were given to schools and businesses along with information on how the herbs were used historically. The botanical connection between the plants and medicine were taught at the Wake Forest College School of Medicine as "pharmacy" was basically a lesson on the plants in the "herb medicine garden". The use of natural, green plants such as herbs also tied in to the philosophy of MedFaxx using non-harmful treatments to enhance the patient's life and not harm them by using strong opoid type pain killers which did nothing to attack the source of pain, but simply deadened the brain's ability to perceive, not only pain but other beneficial sensations also.

The MedFaxx building was built in 1901 and has had multiple uses. The railroad still has an active line, passing 4 times daily, within 30 feet of MedFaxx, Inc. Historically the train depot was in front of the office and the building used to be a general store where folks would pick up their last minute essentials after getting off the train and going home in their horse drawn wagons. Directly across the railroad track is the campus of the original Wake Forest College (now University). The setting is very beautiful and peaceful. There have been a couple of episodes though when the train jumped over the tracks and went through the building.

MedFaxx has continued for many years now and we are happy for the relief so many have received from the products, suggestions of MedFaxx employees and continued relationships established between our staff and our customers.

In 2005 the Johnson's son tragically died and since then much of our energy and effort has gone to the Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment, which was established in his memory. We refocused many of our energies to that but still continue to serve our customers, hopefully better than anyone in our industry can do or has done.

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