Morgellons Lesion

    Prior to this morning when I received the below email I had never heard of a disease called Morgellons disease.   It is readily apparent the nice sister was beginning to grasp at straws in an effort to help, and or save, her sister from the ravages of this disease.   I've found there is a great deal of information, some reliable some not, on the internet so we always try to take a little of what we know and see if we can find a factual basis for the treatment of hard to help patients.   You will see our response to "Bree" ( we change names on this type communications).   We also stop everything we are doing here when we get a message where the patient is potentially suicidal.


Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2012 6:24 AM
To: Bob Johnson
Subject: morgellons desease


bob i believe that my sister has this disease and i am at my wits end trying to find something that will help her to fight this awful disease it has virtually taken over her life and body.   I have already been using tea tree oil and it helps somewhat, but not entirely.  Do u know of anything that will get rid of this disease and help her regain her strength?  Everything i have been studying on has really left me to think that there is no cure for it and really not very many answers to what it is or is not.  But she has all of the symptoms of it and i personally have seen the little black specs as well as fibrous parasites (if that is what they are).

   She also has these erupting sores liaisons on her head as well as headaches continually with little relief from them except with the treatment of tea tree oil,i can't find anything that helps her.It is at the point where she just wants it to end and would rather die than live another day with this disease.she can feel them undernieth her skin traveling and has isolated herself from most everyone because she fears giving it to someone else.If you can help me in finding some sort of treatment for this iI would appreciate it.                    


Hi Bree,


  I’m presently educating myself on what this is and if we may have something aimed at the core of the problems.   So you know as I read I want to share with you what I’m seeing going forward.   ( this one has lot on symptoms but little on causation)   ( this one seems to be more of a “legal site” to set up guidelines for how to show there is science in the field that is often ignored.  


  Now one thing emerging in this is the disease is environmentally related and a possible solution is to change the internal side by using the “Mediterranean diet”.   For me the better option is to try the “Paleolithic diet” which is much stronger on not using any processed, no wheats, no dairy, eliminate sugars and also emphasizes more proteins in natural foods, ie. venison, some beef, pork chicken etc. and plenty of nuts and veggies.   Bree only saying this as making sure your sister is eliminating potential sources of the problems.


   Also so far have not found if there is any connection to “pathogens, ie. bacteria, spores, fungus”.   I’m wondering if there is possibility of a primary infection and then that single infection has a form of bacteria created  in it and it begins to spread.  If so the stopping of the spread can be very important to contain the bacterial side of the disease.   If that is so, and your one comment below in which you say "Tea tree may help", then that is some info. on this could also have a bacterial connection.    If that is a cause then couple of new type options would be increased use of tea tree to combat or a “for sure” destroyer would be 30 second treatments maybe 2x day of ultraviolet c light.   UVC kills everything it hits as far as bacteria goes and kills any bacteria on the skin’s surface migrating over to create new issues.


   When you say “feel better” that is also an indicator to watch the diet.   Paleo type diets should provide more protein however, when in disease situation – immune being overwhelmed -  not so sure can forget at least some carbs so a “modified Paleo diet” may help more.   finally a .edu site, Oklahoma State University, and here you see they are researching and considering the “causes” and 4 of the 5 are caused by bacteria or some form of pathogens!!   That is promising that to focus on a pathogen cause may be part of solution.


   In total candor I will admit I’m looking to see if any research indicates this disease is caused by an infectious agent.   My reasoning is it has been widely speculated that the real break in future health care cure and prevention will be so many of the diseases we encounter are “bacteria related and caused” yet we just plain aren’t up to that point yet in discovering the cause.


  Also in this .edu report it says “antibiotics help, but when stopped problem comes back.”   Now that can be due to several things one of which is mutation of the pathogens to the antbiotic, or patient becomes intolerant due to issues caused by constant use of antibiotics and upsets digetstive system etc. so patient is “non compliant”.    As a fyi Bree, there is no known pathogen in the world now or in the past that can mutate and become something different once exposed to uvc light.   Tea tree also may be better than an ingested pill antibiotic.


   Without going further my suggestions at this point would be to treat the actual sores and the condition as being caused by some type “bacteria”.    Bree the specific bacteria can be absolutely defined by simply taking a specimen out of the sores and testing for the specific pathogen.   That I would imagine/hope has been done, if not seems to me to be a fairly simple first step as to causation of the sores.


   We do have a hand held UV light that rents for $135 per month if you decide to try that.  The use of uvc is an absolute in it will kill every germ on her face/hair after treating with it.   That is easily proven by simply testing for germs before and after treatment.


  Hope this helps get you going.   Let me go see on our medical site if I have a good video that may help explain this better.   See video on bottom of the page referenced below for some more info. on the use of ultraviolet C range light for pathogen destruction.    Forget the “med stuff” you will hear about in this video as not appropriate for your sister's condition that I can tell.