Mitochrondia In Cell Producing Energy

   Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi won the Nobel prize in medicine for the discovery of the oxidative phosphorylation cycle, or "how do cells create energy/".  That was only the beginning of his journey trying to understand health and healing.   He later postulated that the maintenance of health is best preserved by the supplementation and redistribution of electrons to prevent injury.   At the time of his later work the emergence of electrotherapy devices capable of electron supplementation and redistribution was only beginning to emerge.  


   Dr. Gyorgi's legacy was celebrated on what would have been his 110th birthday by Imre Cizmadia  in the Journal of Molecular Structure (Theochem) 666-667 (2003) 11-34.  Dr. Gyorgi's explanation was:


  • "All diseases start at the molecular level, thus, ultimately, all cures must be achieved at the molecular level"
  • "All diseases are the result of some unfavourable electron distribution within the human body, thus ultimately all cures must represent a favourable perturbation on the ill-distributed electron density."
  • "As the electron distribution gets further away from the ideal or perfect distribution we reach a large collection of ill distributed electron densities, which are exhibited by people suffering from various diseases."

    The compelling evidence of healing that is occurring today has not been adequately explained nor understood.   The below is obvious in results:

  1. Pulsed Galvanic Stimulators heal decubitus ulcers, and accelerate healing if slow healing;
  2. Russian stimulators increase muscle bulk and strength in high performing athletes;
  3. Tens machines do lessen pain in many acute and chronic pain conditions
  4. Interferential/Tens combination machines accelerate tissue repair, lessen pain post operatively;
  5. Functional electrical stimulators restore functional movement for stroke, multiple sclerosis, and other patients lacking volitional control;
  6. Iontophoresis machines administer water based medications such as cortisone without the use of needles or ingestion ( this is basically totally understood as to how using laws of physics)
  7. Bone stimulators do make non union fractures heal and increase the rate of bone unionization in injuries such as spinal 

     It is the above processes that have defied conventional knowledge as to "how".   The general explanations relate to "increased blood flow", "special biological wave of our unit", "release of natural pain killers", "decreases inflammatory process" or "initiates inflammatory process".   The reasons for the success of the various electrotherapy products is not explained by those answers.  We have to look at the submolecular aspects of life, be it plant, human or animal and try to understand the atomic aspects of living and dying.    Albert Szent-Gyorgi was well ahead of conventional science using quantum physics as the building blocks. 

      The Infrex FRM machine incorporates Albert Szent-Gyorgi's concepts for electron supplementation and electron redistribution.