It's a fact of life that many of our diseases we contract are communicable diseases which are transmitted through the air.   Unfortunately some of those diseases can be deadly especially to immune compromised, elderly, or those in health care facilities who are in contact with other sick patients. 

    To remove germs off stationary objects such as medical instruments like surgical tools, or stethescopes is fairly straight forward.   You can wipe with an antiseptic, autoclave raising the heat until the germs can no longer survive, or expose the germs to ultraviolet c range light.   The difficulty removing them from the air is not as easy.   The nice thing about the Mobile UV Sterilizer is the germs are destroyed while in the air.  The UV light is active and bactericidal as it is going through the air spaces around us.

    Air Borne Pathogens

     Many of the germs we contact  are done by simply breathing around others infected with some disease or by being in a facility where sick people have been.   In hospitals a patient may be entering a room, and usualy are, where the previous patient had a  disease.   Hospitals work very hard to prevent cross infection from one patient to another but the air borne component is not easy to overcome unless there is strict isolation and the air going in and out of the room is controlled.  It is in those setting where the Mobile UV Sterilizer can be rolled into the room and turned on and left to disinfect the air as well as any surface areas the UV-C rays strike.   The unit can be moved from patient space to patient space disinfecting as needed and for a small cost compared to other procedures.

   Cost of Cross Contamination In The Hospital Setting
     The prevalence of noscomial infections occur in more than two million hospitalizations yearly in the U.S. and the average cost for patients who survive, is approximately $40,000 in 1985 U.S. dollars.   For more information on this go here.  Today the hospital infection control doctor or nurse has to deal with germs that have mutated and become more antibiotic resistant than in previous years simply because the new generation of germs have had more exposure to new antibiotics and have mutated overcoming the effectiveness of those newer drugs.   Germs can not mutate after being exposed to UV-C and become what we call the super germs.   The Mobile UV Sterilizer does not add to our continuing war against new strains or bacteria but actually is used to eradicate all germs.  The pharmaceutical industry has struggled to create new antibiotics and the pricing of those antibiotics are reflected in the cost of treatment so we have spiraling costs due to new strains.  

  Prevention Rather Than Treatment

        As anyone can understand by the costs of acquired infections it is inherently cheaper to society  to prevent disease rather than treat disease.   It also saves lives by not infecting already sick patients in hospitals or skilled facilities with new germs.   The spiraling costs of the U.S. health care system could be dramatically reduced if more attention were being paid to the preventing of disease and the first place to start is stop the cross contamination of air borne germs.