With the concern of different strains of the flu virus/bacteria such as H1N1 there is little doubt a true "Germinator" for destroying air borne pathogens is needed.

         The need though is since so many pathogens are spread in the air there has to be a way to kill them before they become infectious agents in our children's lungs and the disease process is started.  For years the ability to kill air borne germs has been here and actually used, ie. Duke Medical Center in the Orthopedic Surgical suites for more than half a century is one example, yet we don't use a simple, effective, cost efficient device to protect ourselves when and where needed most.

         One device used as needed in waiting rooms, school classrooms, hallways, child care centers can stop the infections and  prevent mutation of bacteria to more deadly forms. 

          Enjoy the video on the Mobile UV Room Sterilizer as a true germinator for any social setting where cross contamination by coughing, sneezing, and touching contaminated surfaces can occur.