Carpal Tunnel Syndrone , (repetitive motion) is a serious and severely debilitating disease resulting in loss of work and in some situations loss of job due to pain or inability to perform tasks due to the pain.  Historically a patient is injected, or drugs are used and in many situations surgery is needed to try to correct the problem.  Many of those methods fail and the patient is left worse off than when starting.

      With the Infrex Plus the CTS patient can actually try the unit during a two week trial and see if the unit helps.  The patient will turn the Infrex Plus on and begin treatment.  Generally within 5 minutes the pain relief will be felt and the patient knows if the Infrex Plus is beneficial for his or her use.   Often the patient will find that the first day or two maybe 2 - 3 treatments are indicated but after that the carryover relief is so great that it may be days, weeks or months before another treatment is needed. 

      The comforting part for the patient is the unit is portable so if the patient is traveling or going outside and is afraid of a flare up the unit can be worn or carried with them so a treatment can begin in any setting away and apart from an electrical outlet.  The Infrex Plus unit combines tens, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation,  with interferential ( 80 times the number of pulses per second of a tens unit ) so either mode of treatment can be initiated.  The unit itself has the most advanced features of electrical engineering providing the highest output for patient comfort.   Most patients will benefit immediately from using the interferential mode of the unit.