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V-254 Ultraviolet C Lamp
V-254 Ultraviolet C Lamp

 The V-254 Wound Lamp is the only Wound Lamp approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration ( F.D.A.) for the healing of bedsores ( decubitus ulcers ) and  dermatological killing of pathogens on the skin. 

  The V-254 can be used for localized, as well as systemic infections, of patients suffering from MRSA or VRE.  The V-254 Wound Lamp emits ultraviolet C range rays which are not cancer causing, unlike the longer rays of ultraviolet A or B range. 


 Published Research In Ostomy and Wound Management using the V-254 

        Ultraviolet Light C on the Treatment of Chronic Wounds with MRSA.  


        Effect of Ultraviolet Light C on Bacterial Colonization in Chronic Wounds


  A prescription is required by the FDA before the unit can be sold to a patient.

WARNING: Do not look into a lighted V-254 lamp as it can cause sunburn to your eyes and skin. Always hold the V-254 lamp so that the light beams are away from you. Each UV light is shipped with a safety lens for additional eye protection.

Check out the Wound Healing Video

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