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Digital EMS 6500
Digital EMS 6500

This passive exercise is therapeutic treatment to minimize the degeneration that occurs following partial denervation or immobilization.  Muscle stimulation has also been used for cosmetic purposes to firm muscles preventing sagging as well as in conjunction exercising to develop muscle bulk and strength. Neuromuscular stimulation has many uses beyond its traditional application to prevent disuse atrophy, including range of motion and facilitation.

Please call 1-800-937-3993 for additional information.

With a prescription from a licensed M.D. we can bill insurance if there is medical coverage.

Wave form:  asymmetric square pulse

Amplitude: 0- 80 ma, 500 ohms resistance

Pulse Rate: 2- 120 hz

Pulse Width: 50 - 300 microseconds

Ramp: 1- 8 seconds ( this is the time it takes to gain full contracture, as this has to slowly move up, not immediately come on and potentially harm the patient, especially if there was surgery and patient rehabbing now.)

Cycle On:   2- 99 seconds-  (clinically if the same number of treatments are done daily, then by increasing the time the cycle is "on" that is indicative of regaining muscle strength)  A patient who can only tolerate 5 seconds on before it becomes uncomfortable, later progressing to 10 seconds
on before fatigue set in is clinically indication of regaining more muscle strength due to longer on time.

Cycle Off: 2-99 seconds (rest time)

Modes: Synchronous, Constant, Alternate:   Always there is an "active" muscle ( agonist)  and also a "inactive" (antagonist) and both may need stimulation.  Example biceps is counteracted by triceps. 

Battery:  9 volt ( this unit may not be appropriate for large muscle such as glutes).   Best for arms, hands, feet, shoulders. 

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 Free TENS Trial

Thank you for requesting the FREE TRIAL of a TENS unit. For you to receive the unit, you must take the following steps:
    1. Complete the information requested below and send it to us.
    2. Have your licensed MD mail a prescription to us at P.O.Box 1289, Wake Forest, NC 27588,  or
    3. Have your licensed MD fax a prescription to us at 919-570-0354, showing "TENS unit for chronic pain for (whatever your pain site is)."
    4. Once we have the prescription, your address and phone number, we will ship a unit to you,and will call to ensure your understanding of how to use it.
You should also view the informational videos on the website to review the TENS and its functions. 

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