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    The Infrex unit is the first portable unit to combine the most used forms of electrotherapy in and outside of the clinic. Developed for home use, the Infrex Plus is worn like a tens unit, and comes with an AC adaptor for home or office use. Similar electrodes you have always worn for tens will cross over seamlessly for use with this new technology. 

The Infrex Plus offers two modes of Interferential treatment and two modes of Tens treatment - in one portable machine.

  Also provided:

1.  Fanny-pack style carry bag,

2.  Electrodes,

3.  Cable

4.  Rechargeable battery system AA, Ni-Mh, 4 each 

5.  AC adapter. 

6.  External Charger 

7.  Operator's Manual 

8.  3 Year Warranty on unit ( excludes batteries, charger, adapter, electrodes, fanny pack)

9.   Use Product ID# 797734605945 for Infrex Plus


Video on What Is Interferential Therapy and Why Superior to Tens

video on what is interferential therapy

For A Free Trial Of Infrex Plus Click Here



* No. of Channel : Dual, Isolated between channels

* Waveform : Symmetrical Biphasic Square Wave

* OutputVoltage  (IFT)   :  40 Vpp @ 500 ohm load

* OutputVoltage (TENS) : 40 Vpp @ 500 ohm load

* Modes : (Selectable 4 Pole or 2 Pole)

* Carrier Frequency: 4000Hz

        Selectable Sweep frequency:

      * IF LOW - 1 to 10 Hz

      * IF HIGH - 80 to 150 Hz

     (Selectable Conventional or Burst)


* Pulse Width: Selectable from 50 to350 μs in step of 50 μs (Default 100μs.)

* Pulse Rate:   Selectable from 1 to 150 Hz in step of 1 Hz (Default 100Hz)

* TreatmentTime: (Minutes)

* IFT&TENS : Selectable 15, 30, 45 &Continuous (Selectable During treatment only)

* Power Source : 1.2 Volts

* 4Ni-Mh battery & AC Adaptor.

Note:All parameters have ±10% tolerance


   For product output comparison with Empi Interferential


     Please contact us for assistance at 1-800-937-3993


   For more information please watch our  Infrex Plus Video






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 Free TENS Trial

Thank you for requesting the FREE TRIAL of a TENS unit. For you to receive the unit, you must take the following steps:
    1. Complete the information requested below and send it to us.
    2. Have your licensed MD mail a prescription to us at P.O.Box 1289, Wake Forest, NC 27588,  or
    3. Have your licensed MD fax a prescription to us at 919-570-0354, showing "TENS unit for chronic pain for (whatever your pain site is)."
    4. Once we have the prescription, your address and phone number, we will ship a unit to you,and will call to ensure your understanding of how to use it.
You should also view the informational videos on the website to review the TENS and its functions. 

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