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Conductive Garment - Lumbar 4-Lead


Conductive fabric electrodes securely affix to the garment, which fits easily on the patient and adjusts for comfort and support. Especially effective when self-adhering electrodes cannot be used. Ideal for sensitive skin or when individual electrodes cannot be placed by hand. Please call 1-800-937-3993 for pricing and to order.
Price: $405.00
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Conductive Garment - Thoracic


An innovative product that utilizes conductive fabric technology. An excellent electrotherapy tool to effectively treat patients with added features of variable compression and support. 

Please call 1-800-937-3993 for more details and pricing information.

Price: $385.00
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Digital Acupuncture Point Locator Stimulator


 Digital electronic point locator & stimulator.  Locates pain points on body for stimulation to control pain.   Often referred to as a Acupuncture point locator and stimulation device.
List Price: $149.00
Price: $149.00
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Digital EMS 6500


Neuromuscular stimulation creates involuntary muscle contraction to improve muscle tone. Used by patients, doctors, and therapists. Muscle stimulation has also been used for cosmetic purposes to firm muscles preventing sagging as well as in conjunction exercising to develop muscle bulk and strength. Prices are for monthly rentals.  Please call 1-800-937-3993 for additional information. With a prescription from a licensed M.D. we can bill insurance if there is medical coverage, or you can purchase the unit outright.

If anyone is trying to sell you a tens unit that is also a "muscle stimulator" our advice is to not buy it.  They are not the same estim units nor intended for the same purposes.   Muscle stimulation if properly referred to as 

"Functional Electrical Stimulation", see video explaining.  
List Price: $235.00
Price: $195.00
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Flexall 4 oz.


Vitamin E Enriched pain relieving gel for penetrating relief of painful muscles and joints.
Price: $10.95
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Flexall Plus Max Strength 4 oz.


Pain relieving gel in an Aloe Vera Base. Triple Action with 3 proven pain relievers.
Price: $10.95
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Gentle Blue Back Electrode


Lumbosacral Electrodes with double layer skin friendly Polyhesive blue gel. Specially designed for back stimulation with large surface area. Multiple applications 10-15 days.

For wholesale pricing: 1-800-937-3993

Price: $29.50
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Hot or Cold Pack 5x10.5


The Versa-Pac reusable hot and cold gel packs have durable construction for long life. Store in freezer for immediate cold therapy. May be heated in water or microwaved in water for hot therapy. Never place hot or cold packs directly on the skin. Packs should be insulated with a cloth cover or towel before application.
Price: $2.75
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