Electrotherapy for Chronic Pain

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For Those with Chronic Back Pain, Electrotherapy Can be a Godsend

Chronic pain is defined as lingering ongoing pain, which hangs around long after the initial injury or whatever caused the pain in the first place.
Often people with chronic pain have tried many other therapies, with little or no lasting results.

If you have chronic ongoing pain, electrotherapy may provide much needed relief.

Electrotherapy comes in two basic flavors, TENS and Interferential. TENS has been the most popular. Portable, use at home units have been around for a while. Until recently Interferential therapy has only been available in the clinic. You had to go see your doctor or chiropractor to get a treatment.

Thanks to every improving technology, Interferential is now available in a portable at home unit as well. Most people get more satisfactory results with Interferntial treatment. The pain relief often lasts longer. A phenomena known as carryover pain relief. When the treatment in over, the pain relief in ongoing for some period of time, until another treatment is needed. With TENS often the pain comes back, shortly after turning the unit off, requiring almost constant use.

The Infrex Plus provides Interferential and TENS together in one portable unit. Use it with batteries of plug it into the wall.

The Infrex Plus is available on a free trial basis. Try it, see if it works for you. If not send it back. If it does work, often it is covered by insurance.

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The video below shows proper placement of electrodes for Interferential or TENS therapy.

Electrode Placement for Chronic Low Back Pain

TENS and Interferential – Two Machines in One

Electrotherapy for Chronic Pain

When does TENS work best for your chronic pain situation and when would Interferential work better?

This video shows the best setting for TENS electrotherapy.