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Really Easy Way to Get a Back Massage from a Friend

Here is a really easy way to get a massage. This massage can be given sitting on the couch. Your friend can watch TV or play a video game, all while giving  you a back rub.

To get your massage, simply lie on the floor in front of the couch or a chair. Your friend uses his/her feet to rub your back and legs. This is really great for people with sciatica, low back pain or sore legs.

Halfway through the massage, just switch directions on the floor to get both sides of the spine equally.

Pain Relief Gels, Rubs and Lotions

Pain Relief Gels, Rubs and Lotions

This requires very little effort or skill on the part of the massage giver. In fact the massager may become so engrossed in the TV show, they almost forget they are giving a massage.

Don’t forget to offer to switch places with your massage giver, so they can have a turn getting a wonderful back rub as well.

Watch the video for complete instructions and guidelines. Just be careful that you don’t press too hard with the feet. Feedback and communication between massage giver and receiver is important.

 Massage Therapy Tips 2: How to Give a Back Rub for Relaxation

Be sure to avoid putting pressure directly on the spine or other bony structure. Stick to massaging the muscles and fat tissue. The person receiving the massage will love you for it!

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