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What is “Power” and “Voltage” on Electrotherapy Devices Such as Infrex Plus and Infrex FRM machines?


Can you please provide some help with 2 questions:

1) POWER Intensity Current of 80Ma versus 50 Ma
is this about a 35% decrease in therapeutic results? Or explain why this is important and what is sacrificed
if a 50 Ma unit is used for rehab.  Also is 80 Ma used for rating both the tens and IF?
2) Power Intensity Voltage 40Vp OR 25Vp
       Would a 50V rating then be superior to you unit?  If so how and why?
Thanks – trying to do my homework so I do not have to order a second unit down the road.



Hi Craig,


Good morning.   Responding to your questions and if want to discuss call me at 800-937-3993.    Thanks for your inquiry.


1)- 80Ma vs. 50Ma  Power-   There is no known association between increased power and increased positive therapeutic results.   One can have limited power which limits a motor response ( move the muscle by motor nerve stimulation) so it would not be possible to involuntary create a muscle contraction due to lack of power.   The upper limit of power is not something that a patient or clinician can impose on a patient or results as if too high then the result is pain and the patient will not tolerate it.

2) – Voltage 40Vp or 25 Vp – voltage is only the amount of initial power to overcome the resistance.  After the voltage has initiated the flow of current then the good devices become “constant current” which simply means as the resistance changes the machine then changes the voltage automatically so the current stays the same.   The purpose of this is once “beneficial therapy parameters “ are set then the machine will maintain the current while using and resistances start changing – the constant will be current.


Also the increase in frequency ( times a machine goes off and on ) decreases resistance so one can overcome resistance not only by increasing voltage but also by increasing frequency/rate/pps.

Hope this helps.