Electrotherapy for Chronic Pain

TOP 10 Natural Pain Relievers

Top 10 Natural Pain Relievers

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Get Better Sleep

  • Learn how to sleep longer
  • Is there any way to get deeper more restorative rest?
  • Sleep tips

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Hot Epsom Salt Bath

  • Hot tub or bath tub
  • I like to add 2 large bags or more or epsom salt and add dead sea salt
  • Rub lavender on the sore spot
  • soak in the heat and relax
  • Use essential oils such as a few drops of lemon, cinnamon leaf and tea tree to help purify the water and reduce your dependence on chemicals

Gentle Stretching and Yoga

The amount of back pain in this world is amazing. Take a look next time you go down the street, how many people have truly good posture? Probably not that many.

Lillah Schwartz shares some great yoga poses, specifically designed to help posture.



  • Relaxing scents
  • Pain reduction

Real Relaxation

“Yea I sit around and watch TV at night” How many time have you heard that. But that is not true relaxation. When gravity is allowed to completely take over the entire body and the mind is quiet, that is more like it. True relaxation happens on a much deeper level than most people ever experience in everyday life. Restorative yoga changes all that.

Nutritional Supplementation

  • Explore the link between vitamin D and pain
  • Which supplements might help
  • Does your body have all the raw material it needs to heal?

Dietary modification

  • Which foods are anti-inflammatory?
  • Does an alkaline diet help?

Proper Spinal Care

  • Chiropractors
  • Spinal Decompression

Tennis Ball Massage

  • Lie on the floor
  • Place 2 tennis balls at the base of your spine, just above the sacrum.
  • Let the balls loosen your muscles
  • After 30 -sec to 1 min, roll the balls up the spine 1-2 inches.
  • Rinse and repeat to the top of the shoulders
  • If it hurts in a particular spot, don’t stay there

Reduce or Eliminate Caffeine

My neck starts to tighten up, my jaw gets cranky, and the lower back starts to get sore.
Switching to white tea, made a noticeable difference within days. white tea contains less

Massage, Bodywork and other Hands on Therapy

  • Trigger point therapy may not necessarily feel comfortable during the treatment.
  • Folks feel a big improvement once it is over with though.
  • Target muscles that have tightened up and created knots.


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Diet Modification


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bob j

Nice new program!!! Like it.

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becca shaw

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Jun 14, 2011
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its awesome it says stuff that would help you with pain and its just really helpful i really do like it

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Thanks Roxanne!!!

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Cynthia Albarado

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Hi Cynthia,

Go to MedFaxx as there are many videos and articles that should help you.



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Aug 28, 2011
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lucia suarez

estoy buscando si algun doctor en usa sabe o conoce la medicina que se llama neosusparil y es una inyection para el dolor hace 37 anos me la suminstraron intrucular en cuba y es lo mejor para los dolores cronicos y aqui en las vegas ningun doctor sabe nada gracia espero respuesta . lucia

Posted On
Aug 29, 2011
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Hola Lucía, yo no soy consciente de que la hierba o las drogas. Sé que durante años Cuba ha hecho un gran trabajo con interesantes compuestos botánicos a causa del embargo y fue a pasos agigantados por delante de los EE.UU. en su trabajo con extractos naturales de plantas de productos. Lo siento, no puedo ayudarte.

Herbanite Bob

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Oct 16, 2011
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That is a real good point to limit caffeine. Thanks

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Apr 14, 2012
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This should be advertised on the radio and TV using this toll-free number: 1-855-NO-BACK-PAIN.

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Nov 18, 2012
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are the two tennis balls across the spine or along it?

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