Patient Testimonial On Infrex From Rosarito, Mexico





Good morning!


I just wanted you guys to know that I did receive my Infrex  machine yesterday here in Rosarito, Mexico (2/27).  I read through all the manuals (EVERY piece of lit that was in the box), charged my batteries, and got started.  My partner and I had it hooked up on my leg from a point in the glute around the front of the thigh, then popliteal and down under my left foot (I had visions of Boris Karloff...).


I think I had everything tuned up to a nice level....I could feel the muscles twitching and there was SUCH a relief!  This, along with my PT that's coming up to help me get back "on the mend".


So, I understand that insurance has covered the biggest majority and I have a remainder of $895.00, correct?  Now, this is something that I can make payments to you guys?  I'll be honest with you, I can't afford to pay that chunk of change all at once and the only way would be for to do is to make make payments.  Right now, I'm on a disability with my work but will be getting all that squared away as well.  That's nothing you're interested in hearing at all, but it just gives you heads up on my end.


I want to start as soon as possible, however to start sending something and getting on track with this.


Bob, you said some words in one of the videos that I "Youtubed":  You mentioned just HOW important it was for people to actually get the relief they needed in their hands and not just getting "lip service" from companies.  I can see how truly earnest you REALLY are about this.


  If you will, when you have a chance, get back to me and let me know what kind of plan I can do as far as making monthly payments (that I can budget).  I as SO greatly thankful that I found you online in my search for help.




Oh, by the way....I'm planning on being back home in Tennessee sometime late Spring...and hitting Raleigh around the same time.  I would love to swing by Wake Forest and meet you if that's at all possible.