HI ,

I just spoke to one of the employees there & the service was the BEST, as usual! :)
I believe her name is Courtney, she's helpful & knowledgeable.

 Please give her & all the employees there a 'pat on the back' & my thanks.

 It's difficult these days to find businesses run as yours does. 
We'd be better off is  more were managed as you folks do.

 the IF unit I have helps me keep going &  at times even I forget  the help it gives.


I hope you'll bear with me in the following,,,,,,,,,,

 Though I am disabled I am trying to ge out of this  & in my own business.
 One is I am a real bearded Santa, as you can see here http://www.asanta4you.com/

 I  have had contracts as Santa with  South west Airlines, Microsoft as well as  many studios
 I will be shortly be shooting pics for a Christmas catalog.
Using the IF allows me to do this work.

Also I have started Trigger Time Gunsmiting LLC &  am licensed at my home for gun repair.
 I can  use the unit any time I need
 I have used the unit on my hands  due to arthritis. Again allowing me to get the work done.

Lastly the videos you do are a reminder to using the IF ,,, great work

 Thanks Again

Santa Dave