Stopping pain for sleep and with Multiple Sclerosis Pain - Clinician Testimonial From Sleep Clinic


Mr. Johnson
    Just to let you know we have been obtaining amazing results with infrex unit in treating our patients with chronic pain.

    As you know, We are primarily a sleep medicine clinic, however, in order to adequatey treat our patients we have found ourselves in need of treating their comorbid conditions as well.
We have used the infrex unit successfully for treating chronic low back pain, radiculopathies, neuropathy and most recently and most exciting, we have used the infrex to treat a patient who has  a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.


   She was tried on every conventional immunosuppressant, and narcotic pain medicine in the conventional arsenal, all without relief of her pain. Most of the pain is isolated to the right lower extremity, although there are occassional episodes of bilateral lower extremity pain.  We used the infrex after recieving it, she was instructed on usage and sent home with the unit. Two days later we received a call, she was ecstatic!!!

  For the first time in three years she was able to exercise for an hour and take a walk outside her house, all without severe and disabling pain.

  I can not begin to tell you how exciting this is both for her and for us. Thank you so much for all your assistance and help during the trials with this unit.
Thomas M Gills, ND, Ph.D