Below is an email from a multiple sclerosis patient following the protocol of Dr. Terry Wahl's using a MedFaxx muscle stimulator ( parameters set by MedFaxx)  and her progress and comments.   The patient is also experiencing sciatic pain and a muscle stimulator is not indicated for pain, but the Infrex Plus on interferential mode is indicated for sciatica pain and other pain symptoms. 

Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 9:23 AM
To: Bob Johnson
Subject: Progress on use of muscle stimulator with multiple sclerosis


Hi Bob! I hope you get this email. The last ones kept returning to me.


I am using the ES at least 5 times a week and up to a count of 15 times once a day. I love it and I can feel and see improvements. Do you agree that I should keep doing what I'm doing and maybe increase to twice a day at some point? Can the stimulator be used for sciatic pain and how would I do that?


Also, is there a proper way to clean the electrodes so they stick better? I'll be happy to get new ones!


Ya'll be good, LOL,



Good for you Debbie.   Glad to hear and thanks for sharing.   Here’s info:

1.  Not sure exactly what mean by “5 times ….up to 15 times” but.    If you are seeing improvements then rather than change the “number of times” then change the time of stimulation.   Example:  you turn unit on and work the muscles for 10 minutes each time you do this.    Ok now you need to turn unit on same number of times as you do BUT increase time of treatment from 10 minutes to 15.   In essence you have increased the “work load” by 50% - from 10 minutes of pumping muscle to 15.

2.  A muscle stimulator is not indicated for pain.   The machine does not have the right parameters to efficiently and effectively control or prevent pain.   My suggestion would be to use the Infrex on interferential mode as it’s most effective.   Couple things on sciatica pain:

3. Here is video my wife and I did on electrodes that you may like:

4.  My email has been working consistently so not sure why returning.  

   What have you done nutritionally that is a change from your pre-stimulation diet?   Do you have any suggestions on diet modification?   Also keep your fluid intake high as that makes stimulation easier and remember muscle stimulation is a net energy cost.   Movement involves more energy so make sure diet provides the additional nutrient matter to support a higher activity level.

   Thanks and keep me informed of your progress.


P.S.  The Infrex Plus is the machine we discussed that is used to increase muscle bulk and strength once you regain function so has dual use, pain and increased strength.