Physicist Jim Al-Khalili explains the concepts of quantum mechanics, quantum tunneling and quantum entanglements using examples of interferential techniques in this video.  Quantum mechanics is the most powerful theory of all science.  It underpins our understanding of electron supplementation and the process of disease cures and disease prevention, including many cancer situations. Unpaired electrons acting as free radicals can reek havoc in our biological systems as well as deliver benefits to us when free radicals are used by our immune system for protection from pathogens.  

   The mention in this video of "submolecular biology" as first being proposed in 1963 is not correct.  The first theoretical explanation was by Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi ( Nobel prize medicine - Krebs Cycle - 1938)   in his book published in 1960.  See two videos here by Dr. Gyorgi.

For a better understanding of electron supplementation which is a practical process using quantum mechanics priniciples watch this video explaining how it's done using interferential therapy.