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Digital Acupuncture Point Locator Stimulator
Digital Acupuncture Point Locator Stimulator
 The digital electronic therapy device locates the points of most conduction related to trigger or acupuncture points for treatment of pain and used for faster healing.   Has a push button stimulator button to treat each point after the digital stimulator locates the points.  Simple to operate with one hand.   The digital display allows readings of the conductance over each point for documentation purposes.   Has audible sounds to indicate most conductive points so the treatment can be done solely by sound audibles if easier.
  • Intensity - 0 -10 mA
  • Intensity Control - On/Off, 0 - 10
  • Power Supply - 9 volt battery
  • Current Output - 0 - 2 microamps
  • Sensitivity Detection - 0-10
  • Frequency Control - 1 - 16 Hz
  • Large LCD Digital Display
  • Indicator Lamp - Pulse Rate
  • Pulse Width - 220 microseconds
  • Pulse Mode - Continuous
  • Pulse Shape - Asymmetric biphasic square wave
  • Point Detections - Meter, Sound and Light indicators
  • Output Channel - 1

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Price: $149.00

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 Free TENS Trial

Thank you for requesting the FREE TRIAL of a TENS unit. For you to receive the unit, you must take the following steps:
    1. Complete the information requested below and send it to us.
    2. Have your licensed MD mail a prescription to us at P.O.Box 1289, Wake Forest, NC 27588,  or
    3. Have your licensed MD fax a prescription to us at 919-570-0354, showing "TENS unit for chronic pain for (whatever your pain site is)."
    4. Once we have the prescription, your address and phone number, we will ship a unit to you,and will call to ensure your understanding of how to use it.
You should also view the informational videos on the website to review the TENS and its functions. 

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